Hire a traditional british taxi as a wedding car

Hire A Traditional Taxi As Your Wedding Car

If you’re looking for something a little different for your wedding day, why not hire a traditional British Taxi as your wedding car?

A Beautifully British Icon

hire a taxi as your wedding car

An iconic and quintessentially British vehicle, a taxi makes a quirky and stylish addition to any wedding. Your wedding guests will love it and photographers will revel in the endless opportunities to use this timeless prop as a showpiece in the wedding photos.

A Remarkably Practical & Sociable Wedding Car

hire a taxi as your wedding car

Aside from their looks, traditional taxis have many more positives to bring to the big day. 
The traditional taxi offers a comfortable sitting position with endless legroom for even the most glamorous and flamboyant wedding dress. The support handles and extra wide doors also allow for a much more elegant exit at the all-important moment too.
What’s more, the seating position means that bridesmaids, family or friends can sit facing each other on the journey too, allowing you to share those emotion packed moments together.

From Single Taxi To A Fleet Of Cabs

Whether you’d like a traditional black cab or a gleaming white taxi, we have just the thing. And, as we have a simply huge fleet of first-rate taxis, you can book as many as you like.

We make sure all our Wedding taxis are well maintained and in perfect running order, so you can rest assured your wedding car will arrive impeccably clean, in good order and in good time. We hand pick our drivers too, making sure they are always well-dressed, polite, highly motivated and flexible enough to fit in with your plans for the big day.


Dressed For The Occasion

hire a taxi as your wedding car

However many taxis you need, we can decorate them with ribbons in whatever colours you choose. White, Pink, Silver or even your favourite team’s colours, adding yet another touch of individuality to your wedding.


hire a taxi as your wedding car

Dependable, Flexible & Affordable  

Compared to many alternatives, a traditional British Taxi can be a very affordable option.

Why not contact us for a quote and find out how you can add ‘something different’ yet practical to your wedding day?